Spring 2022 Fossil Best Practices Awards

As part of its mission to share best demonstrated practices that continuously improve safety, environmental responsibility, reliability, and economics in coal, oil, and gas fleet generation, the EUCG Fossil Generation Committee is seeking nominations for the Spring 2022 Fossil Best Practices Awards.


The award is open to all EUCG member organizations. Membership in the Fossil Generation Committee is not required.


  1. Best practice must be submitted on the form provided by the FGC.
  2. An EUCG member utility may submit a maximum of four (4) best practices.
  3. The practice being nominated must be in use at the submitting company, either in the Fossil Business Unit or at a fossil-fired power plant (conventional steam electric generating facility, combined cycle plant, or combustion turbine installation).
  4. The nominated practice may be a process, technique, or innovative use of resources that has a proven record of success in reducing cost, enhancing revenue, or improving quality, performance, safety, employee/customer satisfaction, or other measurable factors that affect the health of an organization.
  5. Include specific information that will allow your nomination to be evaluated against others.
  6. Photographs, drawings, tables, etc., may be provided to supplement an entry.
  7. Nominations are valid for two (2) nomination cycles.


To be eligible for the Spring 2022 Fossil Best Practices Awards, nominations must be received by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Friday, March 4, 2022. Early submissions are strongly encouraged. Nominations may be submitted as follows:

  1. Complete the on-line nomination form.
  2. Download the nomination form here (PDF) or here (Word) and email the completed form, along with copies of any supplemental material, to Don Barnett at debarnett@db-powergen.com.

Judging / Recognition:

All entries will be evaluated by a team made up of members of the Fossil Steering Committee. Best practice awards will be made in up to three (3) areas to be determined by the evaluation team. Winners will be notified by Friday, March 25, 2022.

Winners will be recognized at the EUCG 2022 Spring Workshop scheduled for April 25 - 27 in San Antonio. Representatives of the winning utilities will be invited to make presentations about their best practices to workshop delegates (award recipients will be responsible for their own travel, hotel, and other workshop-related expenses).

Information about the best practices will be provided on the EUCG website.