Committee Vision:

Capture and share existing O&M best practices through regular contact and benchmarking among utilities to maximize the safety, effectiveness, and value of BESS technology

Committee Mission:

Maximizing the safety, efficiency, reliability, and value of Utility Scale BESS technology through standardization of O&M best practices and performance measures

Message from the Chairs:

We are very excited to introduce the "New" BESS Working Group to EUCG’s family of electric utility members. Our core team have made great progress in the standardization of BESS performance measures via a benchmark database framework. We are committed to building new partnerships and strengthen existing ones by leveraging our diverse backgrounds and experiences to improve operational and financial performance of BESS technology.

Products and Services:

  • BESS Information Database - Collection of data from Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that enables users the flexibility to perform customized data analytics to compare performance amongst peers
    • Plant Profile (Application, Manufacturer, Model, etc.,)
    • Staffing Levels and Makeup
    • Safety Performance and Case Studies
    • Cost Efficiency Measures - $O&M/kw/MW
    • Capital Investment Measures
    • Operations Performance Metrics – Storage Capacity, Energy Density, Power Density, Storage Efficiency
  • Data Repository - Provides reference materials that contains information on topics regarding Operations and Maintenance of BESS infrastructure
  • BESS O&M Best Practices – Knowledge sharing with industry professionals to improve safety, work practices and efficiencies, and value proposition of BESS technology
  • Data Integrity Reviews – Provides a platform to validate data consistency amongst members and arms members with a high level of confidence to share results with benchmark sponsors.

Member Benefits

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Standardized financial and plant performance measures for consistent benchmarks between committee members
  • Peer Networks - Provides opportunities for industry professionals to share knowledge regarding lessons learned, O&M costs, and best practices
  • Member Driven - Empowers Committee members to determine the content and direction of the committee to meet the needs of the evolving industry
  • Workshops - Semi-annual workshops that fosters interactive discussions between members regarding current and emerging issues facing the industry

Committee Leadership:

Committee Chair: Ruben Soto, Southern California Edison

Committee Chair: Scott Trombley, Duke Energy

Promotional Materials:

BESS Committee Promotional Flyer

Committee Membership Categories and Fee Structure:

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Committee Annual Planning Calendar:

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