Committee Vision:

To be a leading industry resource for new fuels, gas, coal, and oil generation best practices, lessons learned and benchmarking information that delivers value to members.

Committee Mission:

The Thermal Generation Committee (formerly the Fossil Committee) provides a cost-effective forum where members share best demonstrated practices that continuously improve safety, environmental responsibility, reliability, and economics in new fuels, gas, coal, and oil fleet generation.

Committee Products:

The FGC products are:

  • Thermal Generation Benchmarking Database (in development with scheduled completion of March 2024)
  • Special-interest surveys of such topics as plant staffing, technology costs, O&M work practices, performance indicators, etc.
  • The Thermal Generation Forum message board
  • Presentations on innovative approaches and new technologies are shared to achieve operational excellence

Committee Services:

The TGC offers an agenda track at the spring and fall EUCG workshops. Agenda topics are selected and presented by TGC member organizations.

The TGC is developing a benchmarking framework that will focus on design, cost, performance, staffing, and safety data for thermal generating units. This framework is on track to be presented at the Spring 2024 workshop. A web-based application will allow members to upload data directly into the database; to create and download data sets based on standard or user-defined query criteria; and to print standard reports.

All EUCG members have access to a "members only" section of the EUCG website, where TGC members will find links to workshop presentations, the soon to be created TGC Database site, and to the Thermal Generation Forum on the EUCG message board. The Thermal Generation Forum, which is the most active on the EUCG message board, allows members to post questions and other requests for information.

Thermal Generation Database Access

Committee Leadership:

Thermal Generation Committee Chair
Ben Zimmerman
Tennessee Valley Authority

Thermal Generation Committee Vice Chair
Clinton Zavadil
Omaha Public Power District

Committee Coordinator
Don Barnett
DB-Power Gen Consulting, LLC

Committee Guidance Documents:

Click here for the Thermal Generation Committee Requirements.

Committee Membership Categories and Fee Structure:

Thermal Generation Committee Fee Structure Data Members Forum Members Alliance Members
    Thermal Generation Committee Fee $ 6,000 $ 6,000 $ 7,600
Total Membership Fee $ 6,000 $ 6,000 $ 7,600
    Database Reports $ 0 $ 15,000/each $ 15,000/each

Data Members: Those members who provide data per the annual schedule.
Forum/Member Owner: Owners or co-owners who do not operate commercial plants
Alliance Member: Related industry organizations or businesses

Committee Annual Planning Calendar:

  • Request for data distributed in January of each year
  • Database submittals due April - May
  • Responses to special interest surveys are typically due four weeks after survey distribution

Thermal Generation Best Practices Awards

Promotional Materials:

Thermal Generation Committee Webinar: